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What is the W20?

​​​The Women 20

​The Women 20 (W2​0) is an official G20 engagement group established during the Turkish presidency in 2015. 
It is a policy recommendation engagement group which is part of the G20 process but is independent from governments. In its functioning, it mirrors the G20 process.
Its primary objective is to ensure that the gender considerations are mainstreamed into G20 discussions and translate into the G20 Leaders' Declaration as policies and commitments that foster gender equality and women’s economic empowerment

How does it work?

The W20 is formed of a transnational network of delegates representing non-governmental women’s organizations, civil society, female entrepreneurs, businesses, and think tanks across G20 member states.   

Through a broad dialogue facilitated by digital tools, expert meetings, roundtables and the final Summit, W20 delegates jointly formulate concrete actionable policy recommendations to advance gender equality in G20 negotiations. The W20 Communique reflects the engagement group's position with supporting evidence; while these recommendations are non-binding, they are considered by the G20 for its discussions and negotiations and contribute to the policymaking process.

Every year, the W20 develops and addresses to the G20 Leaders a Communiqué which contains a series of actionable policy recommendations aimed at fostering gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in order to boost gender-inclusive economic growth for each and every country. 

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